Customers Demand Convenience

The ability to provide effective customer care is highly dependent upon technology.

As such, we've equipped ourselves to enable your customers to contact us in any manner they choose - by phone, fax, e-mail, web chat, IVR, you name it. We have the latest, most enhanced technology offered in the telecommunications industry today. We are tirelessly pushing the limits of contact technology to enable us to serve you and your customers in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Web Interaction Management

  • Text Chat - gives customers the ability to click on a "chat now" button on a website to start real-time chat with one of our agents
  • Chats are able to be queued and routed with the same queuing and skills-based routing that are used for phone calls (e.g. we can route the chat to the agent who is best able to handle the chat)
  • E-Mail Management - handles all incoming e-mails from customers and allows them to be distributed to agents
  • Web Call-Back Requests - call-back buttons will prompt the customer to enter appropriate information so one of our agents can call them back when available
  • Customer/Agent Collaboration - ability to drive on-line customers to a specific web page ("page pushing") and the agent can walk them through the web page at the same time. When the customer navigates through the web, the agent's machine is automatically synchronized
  • Agents can assist the customer in filling out order forms, etc.

Web support capabilities are fully integrated within our software-based phone switch, as chats, emails, calls, etc., and can be routed to a particular agent based on their skill and proficiency just as a phone call would. The agents can also have multiple sessions going, whether it is a call, chat or an email. Our system also provides full monitoring capabilities in support of these functions.

The proliferation of web-based technologies and security tools make the Internet one of the most cost effective tools for customer reporting and informational purposes. American Customer Care's technology is built around a strong CRM strategy and can easily incorporate popular Internet productivity tools such as chat and collaboration. Most customers CRM Internet strategies are focused on customer data integrity, privacy and security, therefore all CRM Internet strategies include a full security evaluation with the customer to determine how effectively it can manage these concerns.



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