Maximize your Campaign Revenue

Our agents have been making phone calls for over 27 years and we are adept at mining the sensitive, confidential information, and buying habits of professionals.

We offer the following outbound B-2-B services:

Market Research
We have extensive experience in contacting businesses for the purpose of conducting interviews for our clients in the trade publishing industry. We contact over 12 million professionals annually throughout various trades in order to qualify them as a valid sales lead for our clients’ advertisers. As such, our agents are highly skilled at getting to the right person provided to us as a lead (or their suitable replacement), garnering a positive response from the interviewee, and accurately capturing sensitive financial and demographic information for the end user.

Lead Generation
American Customer Care also has extensive experience with outbound cold calling/acquisition services. The objective of these programs is to contact the decision maker who purchases products and services, assess their buying needs (through a series of questions), and provide an overview of the sales offer. Depending on the given client, this may include processing an order at that time, or a warm-transfer to a client’s order processing facility. We are also able to email or fax the appropriate coupon or order form materials to the customer. Many times, in order to finalize the lead after the materials have been transmitted to the customer, we place a follow-up call to the consumer one week after we send them the offer materials to see why they have not taken advantage of the program or offer and answer any questions they may have.

We have found that the agent skills needed to mine data of a sensitive nature and capture a positive response for those B-to-B calls have proved to transfer successfully to some outbound B-to-C campaigns. Our strength is in direct-to-consumer soft sales programs with the potential for up-sells and cross-sells. We have and continue to deliver exceptional results on our outbound calling campaigns for our clients in the consumer products and continuity businesses. The types of B-to-C programs we have conducted include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Member Save, to reinstate recently cancelled members for continuity programs
  • Welcome Calls
  • Cross/Up-Sell, to market related products to product purchasers
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Database Generation
  • Product Recalls
  • Sales Assistance / Sales Qualification



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