Get the Most from Your Call Center

Desktop Faxing and Email Handling
Our systems handle faxes, emails, and web chats just as it would a phone call, routing the interaction through skills-based routing to the agent best suited to handle the inquiry. As such, your customers are able to interact with our agents via any medium they prefer. We also can accommodate any non-scripted faxing requirements that our phone agents are asked to initiate as a result of inquiries received.

Data Entry Services
American Customer Care has 500 keying stations available to handle any data entry needs that may arise on any given calling campaign (e.g. - keying manual enrollment cards, orders of any kind, etc.).

Scanning Services
We utilize high-speed scanning equipment to scan documents. Scanning proves cost effective in comparison to keying for documents that do not require an intelligent "read" of information.

White Mail Processing
We provide complete mailroom support as required on your programs, in addition to the traditional mediums of telephone, facsimile, and email/web support. This includes receiving, sorting, batching and responding to any and all white mail correspondence from your customers. This includes tailored answers to frequently asked questions, as well as customized responses that are handled by more experienced program experts. We also generate and mail responses to inquiries received via white mail using our clients’ CRM systems.

Payment Processing
Our mailroom services include the receipt, sorting, batching, depositing and processing of cash, check and credit card payments, in a secure environment, on behalf of our clients.

We operate a full-scale in-house printing shop, consisting of two 5000 page per minute Océ laser printers. These printers enable us to send personalized letters, on a massive scale, to your customers. This includes printing company logos, labels, letterhead and signatures on letters, and other correspondence from our clients.

Lettershop Fulfillment
Includes generating and mailing responses (both standard and free-form) to inquiries received via white mail, and the processing and mailing of dunning letters.



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