Remote Connectivity

Our systems fully enable us to utilize home-based agents, and we have done so in situations where we've found it advantageous to our client's program.

Home-Based Agents afford the following benefits to our clients:

  • Ability of our agents to be able to connect and handle calls remotely (Virtual employees).
  • Ability of our agents being able to receive screen pops and all of the functionality that the system offers.
  • Ability of our agent supervisors to monitor agents' performance and record remote agent calls at any time and from wherever the agent is.
  • Ability to employ highly skilled agents with specialized skill sets.

Greater staffing flexibility, better educated, highly motivated and more productive agents are the key advantage of utilizing a home-based agent solution.

From customer acquisition and retention, to ongoing customer care, sales and service - our clients value the quality of the service we provide, the results we're able to generate, and the ability to reduce the costs associated with our service. That means a better return on investment.



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