Stand Out from the Competition

American Customer Care is distinguished from its competition by providing highly personalized service to our customers. We are equally as competent and comfortable working with Fortune 500 clients as we are with smaller boutique clients.

While American Customer Care utilizes best practices and leading technology throughout this process, we are sure to remember that every client is unique and it is our job to adapt our processes and systems to meet your needs, versus requiring you to adapt your systems and processes to meet ours.

Another competitive advantage American Customer Care holds over its competitors is the tenure of our executive and middle management team. It is the strength and experience of these teams that help make our phone agents exceptional.

Each member of our executive team averages over 15 years of experience in call center management. Our middle management teams average nearly 10 years of call center experience. This in-depth knowledge of the industry speaks volumes of our ability to meet your needs.

Finally, our corporate structure provides a relatively flat organizational chart for a very important reason – to empower our management team to allocate resources quickly and effectively on a given client program when needed, without layers of management stalling the process. One of the most important factors for the success of any contact center program is the ability to communicate effectively with the client.

Because of our corporate structure, you can be assured that you will have access to our top resources for your program whenever needed.



We constantly receive very nice feedback from customers regarding your service. You make our customers say WOW! And that has always been our goal. Thank you for doing that for us.

    Richard Murad

As a leading manufacturer of household products ranging from medical devices, Over the Counter Drugs, and consumer goods, we are fortunate to have a strong partnership with our team at American Customer Care. Together we have built a comprehensive program that provides our consumers a satisfying service experience and our business with the tools to ensure compliance and corrective action opportunities.

Consumers are able to use multiple channels in which to contact us – from e mail, to phone, to social media. All types are managed to closure by the trained team at ACC. They are educated on our brands, policies and procedures and handle routine contacts, as well as escalations and adverse events with the aid of our robust CRM tool. ACC also supports our Quality organization with the processing and distribution of consumer returns which is a critical part of our Quality Assurance and Compliance program.

The management team at ACC has been instrumental in aiding us in the structure and implementation of several product recalls and brand acquisitions. They are strong partners in determining our budget and staffing needs and are skilled users of our CRM tool which allows them to make recommendation on using the system to make these events run smoothly and seamlessly.

Together with the American Customer Care management and contact center team, we are assured that our consumers and our internal partners are satisfied and have a rewarding experience that reflects well on our brands.

    Global Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Our relationship with American Customer Care, began just over one year ago and they’ve already proven to be an amazing partner and a natural extension of our team! We transitioned to one of their centers in record time and with minimal impact on our new Representatives and metrics.

Our entire team at ACC, from Reps to Account Management are very passionate about our consumers and our brand. I am confident that they are handling our program with the utmost care and working with us to ensure all of our objectives are met timely and efficiently. ACC has been a true partner!

    Christine Nikutin
    Consumer Relations Supervisor
    Barilla America, Inc.

Their management team and employees are of the highest quality! We are extremely satisfied with their performance and dedication to our business.

    Multinational Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

My company made the right decision when they partnered with American Customer Care. When we established our new call center their technical expertise and leadership were essential in putting together a comprehensive start up plan. With their help, our fully functional call center was up and running in a very limited amount of time. The project manager and representatives assigned to my account are highly motivated, experienced professionals and I know I can count on them to create value for our company and provide high quality service to our consumers. I depend on ACC and they deliver, I enjoy working with their staff and I’m very pleased with the results.

    Food Production and Distribution Company


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