Customized Client Specific Reporting

The basis of American Customer Care's reporting system is an integrated software-based switch platform, which writes to a SQL database.

The advantage our system gives is full access to all switch data on the SQL server for reporting purposes, while some other phone switches only allow limited access to their proprietary database. This includes all of our switch data and any additional data captured within the call by the CSRs.

The system contains dozens of reports relative to call handling statistics, including volumes, ASA, service level adherence, abandonment rates, and many other statistics in half-hour increments. Many of our quality reports are daily reports, and are customized to specifically meet the individual needs of our clients.

These reports will capture the information that is most important to you, whether it be switch data showing talk times and average speed of answer, or general information such as customer contacts received by disposition (balance inquiry, order status, cancel, etc.). The flexibility of our system allows us to give our clients comprehensive historical reporting on their programs.

We are able to provide ad hoc reporting for virtually any data that we are asked to capture and/or have access to on your behalf.

For each of our clients, we have developed fully customized reports specifically to meet their need, and are able to provide you with extreme flexibility in this area to accommodate our clients. Any data that is captured on the call can be included on a report that is customized for you.



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