Client Monitoring

American Customer Care strongly encourages ongoing, interactive monitoring/calibration sessions with our clients.

We find the first-hand feedback from our client's perspective to be critical in achieving the program's goals. Any feedback from these sessions, positive or negative, is evaluated by the Account Manager and shared with supervisors, training managers, and representatives to assure the project always conforms to our client's highest expectations and our commitments.

During these joint-monitoring sessions, we use a scoring document that specifies the critical success factors for the customer interaction that have been developed during the implementation of the program. Everyone scores the interaction separately and then the scores are shared and discussed. We strive to achieve "inter-scorer reliability"; with the client being the final decision maker on what is excellent, good, average or poor regarding the call dialogue, script, and the agent's performance.

Our Monitoring activities are as follows:

  • Supervised monitoring (with an American Customer Care team member)
  • Unsupervised monitoring (without an American Customer Care team member)
  • Listen to recorded calls (with or without an American Customer Care team member)
  • Digital recording of calls
  • Supervisor handoff or call back
  • Automated end-of-call customer satisfaction survey
  • Supervisor conference bridge

American Customer Care employs the internal philosophy of continuous process improvement and total quality management across our entire company. Whenever a new operational or technical process is introduced, our internal standard is to develop the supporting training and support documentation to ensure our employees' and our customers' success.

For existing processes, our culture supports our employees making recommendations to improve existing processes or procedures to benefit our internal team or to improve the project quality or our customers' overall satisfaction. Sometimes this may be a simple memo that goes out to our team; or sometimes it may require a complete overhauling of an application depending on the changes or recommendations being made.



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