Consistent Excellence Ensured

American Customer Care believes that for any organization to provide excellent customer service it must have a strong working partnership between its Training Department and its Quality Assurance Department. While these are two separate departments, they are the teams that ensure our CSR's success and growth, or ultimately their failure.

American Customer Care's comprehensive call center software platform provides the superior tools necessary for our team leaders and QA personnel to monitor and interact with our CSRs. This platform includes monitoring, call conferencing with a supervisor, unsupervised monitoring, screen viewing, and digital recording for call playback.

American Customer Care works with its clients to identify the critical success factors for the customer interaction (e.g. retention/saves, up-sells, credit card conversion, etc.).

Next, we identify how we will measure or score performance on the selected items and communicate the criteria to the agent pool through the training process. We typically develop a "QA Report Card" which is used to allow the QA agent to reflect their findings while listening to the individual calls.

The gathered information is then compiled, and a report is generated on an agent-by-agent basis with the results of the review sessions. This information is subsequently disseminated to Lead CSRs, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Trainers, and the Account Manager on a daily basis. Team leaders provide real time feedback to agents both verbally and in writing based upon the daily write-ups received from the Quality Assurance department.

Generally, our approach to QA is to replicate our client's QA process, when one exists, if it is meeting the client's needs. We inspect process through direct monitoring of live phone conversations, listening to recordings of full conversations, monitoring the screens and keystrokes of our agents, test calls, and one-on-one role playing. In each case, our agents are provided performance feedback and, if necessary, an improvement plan is constructed.

American Customer Care monitors quality and performance through three primary methods:

  • Live Agent Monitoring
    Live CSR monitoring takes place via blind monitoring, side-by-side monitoring, blind customer monitoring or scheduled customer calibration sessions. Blind monitoring is when the Quality Assurance agent observes a random selection of live or recently completed calls and the rep is not aware that they are being observed on that particular call or calls. In addition, we also conduct side-by-side monitoring sessions. The primary goal with this is to assure an agent's adherence to script and process guidelines, as well as to closely monitor the content to provide a positive outcome on their calls.

  • Data Monitoring
    American Customer Care also inspects our agents' output in several ways. Data accuracy and script compliance are routinely checked down to the agent level to identify and correct any problems quickly. Agent-level results are then disseminated to the team leaders for any issues that need to be addressed on an individual basis. Direct observation of the process through monitoring allows ACC team leaders and supervisors to identify common points of difficulty, which sometimes lead to changes in training, dialogues or the application to better serve the needs of the agent's and the callers. The next step is to directly inspect the output, which includes customer retention/saves, 1st call resolution rate, customer satisfaction, and data accuracy. American Customer Care uses this data, in conjunction with the process evaluations conducted during call monitoring, to get an all points view of agent performance to ensure that we are adhering to client guidelines.

  • Test Calls
    American Customer Care places test calls into each of its facilities for each current project on a daily basis. The purpose of these calls is to ensure that there are no telephony/system concerns and that each agent is prepared to handle the call on the first ring. We take a call from beginning to end, acting as if the caller were a live customer, to ensure a quality product for our client.



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