Insight, Adaptability, and Experience

At ACC, we pride ourselves in and support to ensure both the success of your programs, as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

Your assigned Account Executive (AE) provides you with a single point of contact for daily feedback on your program. The Account Executive assigned will not just provide recommendations but will take ownership of the project, disseminating daily information from your project and holding calibration sessions with you to provide results and recommendations. She/He will pay attention to every detail so you don't have to, giving you up-to-the minute feedback and managing all aspects of your program.

Managing includes response development/modifications, CSR training, the development of training material, data capture and database management, and quality control assurance. She/He will also provide you with daily performance feedback, including call disposition reporting, CSR monitoring sessions, and complete evaluation of project statistics to ensure adherence to your expectations and to provide suggestions that enhance your program's performance and success.

Various team members will support the Account Executive to ensure that your program is running smoothly. Some key members of this team include:

  • Report Specialist
    The Report Specialist will work closely with the AE and the technology team in the initial development and ongoing refinement of the reporting process. This person would work daily with the AE in the development of the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting needs in addition to special reporting needs as presented. This person would also do reporting analysis to determine possible root causes of system or CSR performance issues, which may be inhibiting the success of the project.

  • Trainer
    The Trainer is an operational position with direct line authority to the AE. The AE works closely with this trainer in the development of materials as well as the classroom training, which would include initial systems, product, and project training requirements. In addition, the trainer provides ongoing program training for product/program updates as well as remedial training as identified in the QA process.

  • Quality Assurance Lead
    The Quality Assurance Lead ensures that all methods and procedures for the program are followed and maintained according to the contractual guidelines. This person would also assist the other QA agents in the daily monitoring and quality assurance methods and procedures as defined by American Customer Care's internal operational standards. This person would also work very closely with the AE and the Report Assistant to develop metrics and improvement plans for the project.

  • Supervisor - Operations
    The Supervisor to the project would manage other operations team leads (Lead CSRs) working on the project. This person would work closely with the AE and the rest of the project team to ensure all methods and procedures established for the program and service levels are understood by ACC and are being properly managed. They would also provide project feedback to the team for process and project improvement.

  • IT Project Manager
    The IT Project Manager works closely with the AE and the rest of the team to ensure that all program requirements for CSR screens, connectivity, call routing, reporting and telephony circuits are met and tested on a regular basis prior to launch. The IT Project Manager serves as a direct support role for the AE on the technology side of the program.



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