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Our corporate philosophy provides for a solid commitment to our people and the quality of their lives, as well as their families.

At American Customer Care, we fully understand that our employees are, and always will be, our most valuable asset and that the best people provide the best customer service.

We attract and retain the best people for a few reasons:

Location and Community
To attract the right people, we've strategically located our contact centers in the rural heartland, where employees are hard-working and take pride in their work and have for generations.

We also understand the importance of a family working environment and take an active role in each community that we're a part of by sponsoring events and establishing a reputation of providing a quality place to work in an area that might otherwise not have many comparable job alternatives.

Promotion From Within
We at American Customer Care have found that the best team leaders and floor supervisors are those that have worked their way up from the customer service agent position. We enjoy tremendous success by promoting from within whenever possible, which motivates and inspires agents to rise to their full potential, while allowing us to enjoy low turnover and a high degree of employee job satisfaction.

The flexibility in work schedules offered to our agents is directly attributable to our understanding of the importance of the family unit. Our average employee is a working mother between the ages of 25 and 50, many of who need to attend to school-aged children each morning and/or afternoon and require the flexibility we provide.

Benefits and Incentives
In addition to the intrinsic benefits listed above, our company offers a variety of benefits and incentives to customer service agents including: attendance bonuses, health insurance, success and salary increases, surprise lunches and celebrations, and various contest prizes. These incentives are aimed at reinforcing our team approach and maintaining enthusiasm and camaraderie. Of major note is that we offer medical benefits coverage to all of our representatives.

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